A Fresh Star Wars

There's something wonderful about the fact that we're getting new Star Wars movies. A new director, a new vision, a new storyline, new actors... it's a fresh start. A new beginning. This is a sentiment that I have seen countless fans express, replacing bleak cynicism and tired snark with optimism and hope. It's not hard to see why - we all love Star Wars. We all want it to succeed. Just the thought of watching Episode VII in IMAX 3D with jaw-dropping, state-of-the-art visual effects is enough to make one start counting down the days until the release of the new film.

For me, I've been a fan of the Star Wars Expanded Universe for almost as long as I have been a fan of the films. I always hated the idea of only six Star Wars movies. I was greedy. I wanted more. The myriad books and comics helped fill that void in my life - continuing the stories of my favorite characters long after the final credits rolled. But lately, I've been fatigued. Every fan of the Expanded Universe has a book or series that stands out amongst all others as the quintessential Star Wars story - and for me, that was The New Jedi Order. I spent my most formative years reading that series, and since its conclusion in 2003, no story has fulfilled my imagination in quite the same way.


Chris Carey

The announcement of the new Star Wars films was like an electric shock to my system. I was jubilant, ecstatic... and totally at peace with the thought of the Expanded Universe ending - or, at the very least, changing. The Expanded Universe filled a void for fans like me that wanted more adventures with old and new characters. It created a believable universe where its readers could escape to. But at its core, Star Wars is a visual experience. It has captured the imaginations of multiple generations. And now... the movies will take on that role again. My mind ran wild with thoughts on potential storylines and casting, and I spent way too long thinking about how awesome a Boba Fett spinoff movie would be. The idea of Episode VII hitting theaters in just a few years left me yearning to reach out and talk about it.

When I first heard about the plans for FAR FAR AWAY RADIO, I jumped at the chance to join the podcast. I have known Austin Blankenship and Andrew Lupi for years, and they stand out as two of the most passionate and respectful Star Wars fans that I have ever known. They have always dreamed big, unencumbered by their imaginations. Moreover, they are both fun-loving and carefree fans. They're much more interested in having a laugh during a discussion than having a heated debate. And while I have never worked with Jason Hamilton before, I'm very excited to get to know this fellow fan. When we all got together for our first call, the conversation was lighthearted and filled with laughter. If that is what I can expect for future episodes of FAR FAR AWAY RADIO, then I'll be sticking around for quite some time.

As I'm writing this, we have yet to record our first episode. The excitement is palpable. Between launching a new website and recording a live podcast, there's a world of limitless possibilities that we're all looking forward to exploring. Like the upcoming films, there is a sense of new beginnings in the air. This is quite the journey that we are about to undertake. We hope you enjoy the ride.