The 12 Best Star Wars: Episode VII Fan-Made Posters

Have some fun on your Monday by looking at my twelve favorite Star Wars: Episode VII fan-made posters!

I'm not normally a big fan of posters created by fans, but there have already been some beautiful ones created for Episode VII. The ship destruction series is just visually awesome, and some of the more artistic approaches are a blast.

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Star Wars fans never cease to amaze me with their talented display of passion for the Saga. We are such an artistic bunch. Well, you guys are. I'm lucky if my drawing of stick-figure Jedi and my sketch of a lightsaber don't look exactly the same. Seriously, they're indistinguishable.

Honestly, looking at these only makes me more excited for the day when we get the first teaser poster for the seventh Star Wars film. Bring it on, Lucasfilm!

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Which poster is your favorite?