Breaking Down Possible Episode VII Concept Art


Last night unveiled a spiffy new design, which included new bios of employees and plenty of great images. And, possibly, Episode VII concept art.

Spotted by Justin LaSalata, this photo shows some images that don't seem to match any previous Star Wars films. Club Jade points out the Millennium Falcon and mountainous landscape, which certainly seem new to me. The smaller images above those, however, look to be from existing films. They are blurry and definitely difficult to see, but from left to right I think we are looking at: a scene from the arena on Geonosis, an X-Wing pilot from Episode IV or VI, Count Dooku blasting some Force lightning in Attack of the Clones, and the ghost of Obi-Wan talking to Luke in Return of the Jedi.


It's fair to think that if this is an Episode VII production meeting, the team would be drawing on images from the past to work on the future.

Now, who do we have sitting in the room? Thanks to's new team page, it is easy to pick out most of the meeting's participants. On the far left, in the white shirt, is Jason McGatlin, SVP, Physical Production. McGatlin is also serving as an executive producer on Episode VII. Behind him, in red, is Kim Libreri, SVP, Technology.

The gentleman in black in the center of the picture is the one who, to me, confirms this as an Episode VII meeting. He is Rick Carter, the Academy Award Winner who will serve as a Production Designer for the seventh Star Wars film. Carter was not involved in the Star Wars Saga prior to being brought on for Episode VII. Carter's appearance should probably serve as a red flag for identifying any photo as "sequel-related".

Next, of course, is Kathleen Kennedy, President. And it appears that John Knoll, Chief Creative Officer/Senior Visual Effects Supervisor, Industrial Light & Magic, is seated next to Kennedy.

The man we see from the back is obviously unknown, but the curly black hair would cause me to speculate that he is J.J. Abrams.

What does all of this mean? Not much, really. But it is incredibly neat to see what is almost certainly a meeting for Episode VII taking place, our first behind-the-scenes glance at such an event. And the potential of our first peak at concept art (again, not confirmed, but the pieces fit together) is delightful.