Revealing the Far Far Away Radio Album Art


I'm excited to finally be able to share the official album art for our podcast, Far Far Away Radio, with you. The art was created by the absolutely brilliant Joe Hogan, a talented Star Wars illustrator. Joe is a pleasure to work with and exceeded my expectations in the past when he did art for the EUCantina summer reading charity event in 2012. Once again, Joe managed to blow away anything I could imagine for the art, producing the fabulous piece you see above.

In this depiction, we see an older Leia, Luke, and Han. The concept for our art was to represent what the FAR podcast is all about - the future of Star Wars films and speculation about them. A speculative look at our heroes in the future perfectly represents the theme of our show.

I hope you all like the art - I think it's flawlessly awesome and have to recommend Joe to the fullest degree. Check out more of his art here, and look for a behind-the-scenes guest column from him on the creation of the art in the coming weeks.

The first episode of Far Far Away Radio will be streamed LIVE on Monday, March 3rd, starting at 9:15pm EST. Save this link so you can tune in.