The First Star Wars Tweets

In celebration of the 8th birthday of Twitter, the popular social media platform has launched a new tool that makes it easy to find the first tweet that a specific user ever posted. While almost entirely insignificant, I still thought it might be fun to take a look at the first tweets sent by Star Wars related Twitter users. For the heck of it I have compiled my valuable research here.

After analyzing this data, I think we have learned a few important things.

  1. The official Star Wars account has the oldest tweet in this list, barely beating Leland Chee. It's only right.
  2. The best first tweet award goes to Dee Bradley Baker. "Gonna make the pancakes" is my new favorite quote.
  3. Matthew Wood (General Grievous) is a fan of U2.

What's next for Star Wars Twitter? We can only hope that 2014 gives us the first tweets from J.J. Abrams and George Lucas.