Jeremy Bulloch Involved in Future Star Wars Project?


I had the pleasure today of attending Salt Lake Comic Con's FanXperience. Today (Thursday, April 17th) I attended the panel titled, The Two Boba Fetts: Spotlight on Daniel Logan and Jeremy Bulloch. The moderator for the panel was Bryan Young of Big Shiny Robot and the Full of Sith podcast.

I'm happy to be the first to report, that Jeremy Bulloch might be involved in the new Star Wars films.  It could also be a Boba Fett spin-off film, Episode VII, or any number of projects, but it is definitely Star Wars related. And it legitimately looks like he didn't mean to let this one slip either. So here's hoping we get to see Jeremy in a Star Wars film again, whether it's Boba or not. Here is a brief transcript, and the video below.

Bryan Young: So neither of you have gotten a call for Episode VII then?

Jeremy Bulloch: Not yet, but I oops (slaps hand to mouth)

Daniel Logan: he’s like 'I only got a fax'.

Jeremy Bulloch: … I’m not allowed to say. I’m sorry.

If he has something he can't tell us, it would seem likely that there is some new Star Wars project that he is involved in.

I do find it interesting that he thinks Boba survived the Sarlacc pit, even though I doubt he will return to play the same character. We'll be releasing a special episode with the full audio from the panel, and stay tuned to see more video as well. Also, expect exclusive Far Far Away Radio interviews with several of the Star Wars guests, including Bulloch and Logan, on our next episode.