Clarification on Star Wars Canon

On Friday, we received the expected but mind-blowing news that most of the Star Wars expanded universe would be stepping down in favor of the new canon that is being released. I would like to clarify for everyone, what is or isn't canon. Thankfully, Jennifer Heddle was a gem, and braved the Twitter tempest to give us some clarification of the canon status of some items we weren't sure of. I've included several of those Tweets in this article. However, even she was not sure about some things, so I will point those out as well. My guess is that we will see some blog posts in the near future with further clarification. In the mean time, take a look at this.

I'd also like to clarify one thing about how the EU is labeled from here on out. I defer to this quote from the Del Rey Facebook page.

To be clear, there is no 'new EU.' There is only the established EU--hereafter known as Star Wars Legends, and the main, canon storyline, which includes the films, The Clone Wars and Rebels television shows, and the new novels beginning this September with A NEW DAWN. It sounds like a minor thing to point out, but it's significant in the fact that even the term "EU" always meant it was outside the main, whereas now, all new material will be part of a unified whole.

So there you have it. All Star Wars media from here on out will be classified as canon or legends. It will probably take a while for the term 'EU' to die, but that concept is now changing.

What is canon?

From the original article, and the Tweets from Jennifer, we know for sure that the following media is canon.

  • Star Wars Films I-IX
  • The Clone Wars (Film)
  • The Clone Wars (TV Series)
  • Rebels (TV Series)
  • A New Dawn (Novel)
  • Tarkin (Novel)
  • Heir to the Jedi (Novel)
  • Lords of the Sith (Novel)
  • Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir (Comic)
  • All future novels, comics, and video games.

What isn't canon?

Based on the article and the tweets from Jennifer, we can assume that pretty much all of the former EU is no longer canon. There may be a few exceptions or unknowns, but we know that most of the EU is now classified under Legends and is not official canon. Jennifer specifically clarifies the following works in the former EU are not canon.

  • Kenobi (Novel)
  • The Empire and Rebellion novels (Han and Leia centric)
  • Darth Plagueis (Novel)
  • Rebel Heist (Comic)
  • Cloak of Deception (Novel)
  • Labyrinth of Evil (Novel)
  • The Rise of Darth Vader (Novel)

So there you have it folks, even the stuff that we all thought wouldn't interfere with the plot of the sequel trilogy is being classified as Legends. I guess that will take some getting used to. Here are the actual tweets.


Now, there were a few questions that Jennifer was unable to answer. Sometimes she would defer to Leland Chee. There are even a few questions (including one of my own) that she answered and later deleted. This includes an inquiry I made into the Old Republic era. With SWTOR currently running, it wouldn't make much sense to label it as non-canon. Plus that entire era is so beloved and has almost nothing to do with the films. I asked Jennifer about this and she responded by telling me to ask Leland Chee about it. She later deleted this Tweet. Why? I have no idea.

So therefore, the following are currently unknown. I expect we'll get clarification soon though.

  • The Old Republic era EU
  • The film novelizations
  • The Genndy Clone Wars series
  • The Ewok Adventures
  • Droids/Ewoks cartoons
  • Anything to do with video games (though we can assume that The Force Unleashed is out)

And here are her tweets on the subject.