Episode 19 - Luke's Island

This week's episode is overflowing with Star Wars discussion as we bring you awesome new topics and special guests! We have ideas for the Episode VII video game, thoughts on Dave Filoni directing a standalone film, the return of hands in space, Luke on an island, and a discussion on the politics of the sequels trilogy with Eric Geller and Dominic Nardi. It's a mixture of laughs, fun, and in-depth chatting about the Saga. Check out the full shownotes below:

  • Our cold open features discussion of an image created by a listener featuring Mallory as a Mando and Meg as an Ewok. You can view the image here.
  • Mallory's mini-discussion this week centers around video game concepts and desires for Episode VII.
  • In the news, we talk about Dave Filoni wanting to direct a standalone film, Daisy Ridley appearing in the entire sequel trilogy, and J.J. Abram's photo of a robotic hand.
  • For those interested in the open team positions, please visit this page and apply by August 19th.
  • We focus on the rumor about Luke Skywalker's exile with a fun game, choosing six items that Luke would need to have for 30 years on an island.
  • Eric Geller of the Forcecast and Dominic Nardi of The Poli-Sci Jedi join Austin to take a deeper look at the politics of Episode VII and beyond. What will the state of the galaxy be? How will real-world history impact the story?
  • And much more!

Sit back and relax with Mallory, Andrew, Chris,  Meg, Jason, and Austin as they talk about the galaxy far, far away.

We would like to thank the fantastic Joe Hogan for creating our album art, and the talented Jen from the Anomaly Podcast for her voice work in our intro and outro. Featuring music by Pharrell (purchase original track here). Thanks to Andrew from MakingStarWars.net for providing our opening rocking radio sound clip.

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May the Force Be with You!