Episode 41 - Obi-Wan Kenobi

Obi-Wan Kenobi... Obi-Wan. Now that's a name you're about to hear a lot. This episode is our Obi-Wan character dissection! We discuss the legendary Jedi Master in extreme detail, from his accomplishments to his failures. Check out the full shownotes below:

  • Mallory's mini-discussion: Our favorite Obi-Wan quote.
  • Unpopular Opinions: Things that we love about Star Wars that other people seem to hate.
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi character dissection:
    • Was Obi-Wan reckless, as Yoda mentions in ESB?
    • What were the most important lessons that Obi-Wan learned from Qui-Gon? Did these set him apart from the other Jedi?
    • Obi-Wan vs Darth Maul
      • Best prequel battle?
    • He is initially wary of Anakin, but becomes determined to train him after Qui-Gon dies. Did he do the right thing? Was he too young to take on Anakin?
    • Was Obi-Wan actually a poor master for Anakin? We see so many struggles between them in this movie.
    • Dooku tells Obi-Wan exactly what is happening with Sidious. Should Obi-Wan have reacted differently, or was he right to not believe him?
    • Obi-Wan and Satine
      • What did the loss of Satine do to Obi-Wan?
    • Darth Maul Returns
      • Do we like how Obi-Wan reacts to Maul’s return? Is there any hint of him wanting revenge for Qui-Gon’s death? Obi-Wan has become more of a brother to Anakin.
    • Taking out Grievous - too easy?
    • Obi-Wan continues to go along with the council even though it seems like he might be doubting that choice. Would he ever have moved away from the Order in an Ahsoka like fashion if Order 66 had been delayed? Or was he stuck to the code and the order even if they made him uncomfortable?
    • Duel with Anakin
      • He would rather face the Emperor than Anakin. Do you think he even believed he had a chance against Palpatine when he made that offer to Yoda? Would he have rather died than have fought Anakin?
      • He leaves Anakin alive on Mustafar. Do you think that:
        • He believed Anakin was as good as dead?
        • He showed a lack of compassion? Or was he doing the right thing?
    • Choice to watch after Luke
      • Was Tatooine the right place to take him?
      • Why didn’t he train Luke sooner?
    • From a Certain Point of View
      • The “Ben lied to Luke” issue
  • And much more!

Sit back, relax, and join Meg, Austin, Chris, Heath, and Mallory as they talk about the galaxy far, far away on Season 2 of Far Far Away Radio!

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May the Force Be with You!