Legends and Lore BONUS EPISODE: 'Star Wars: Aftermath' Discussion

Welcome to a bonus episode of Star Wars: Legends and Lore, your one-stop podcast for the unified canon of Star Wars. THIS PODCAST CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR STAR WARS: AFTERMATH. In this episode we:

Discuss our basic review of Star Wars: Aftermath, including the following topics:

  • Did you find the style hard to get through?
  • Setting - Bigger than most canon books so far. More impacting the galaxy at large (especially for the Empire)
  • Plot - Too scattered?
  • Characters
    • Wedge (definitely not a main character)
    • Norra Wexley
    • Temmin Wexley
    • Sinjir Rath Velus
    • Jas Emari
    • Mister Bones
    • Rae Sloane

We discuss the revealing interludes

  • Mon Mothma talking about how the government will proceed.
  • Coronet City, Corellia - Dengar fighting Mercurial Swift (whoever that is)
    • Mercurial mentions Boba Fett to throw Dengar off.
    • A look into the future of the Bounty Hunters
  • Taris
    • Acolytes of the Beyond seeking Vader’s lightsaber to destroy it.
    • Maybe ties into a phrase about Palpatine sending people beyond the galaxy to discover the source of the dark side.
    • Destroy the lightsaber to “return to its master in death.”
  • Hyperspace - Han/Chewie
    • They leave for Kashyyyk to free Wookiee slaves.
    • There has to be more to this story.
  • Tatooine - BOBA FETT’S ARMOR!

And of course, the tantalizing epilogue:

  • Thrawn, Snoke, or someone else?

Sit back with Jason, Jonathan, Elaine, and special guest Aaron Goins, as we discuss the Star Wars canon for Aftermath. Whether you're into the novels, comics, or video games of Star Wars lore, this is the podcast for you. Special thanks to Chris Jenkins for the amazing artwork.