FFAR The Empire Strikes Back Audio Drama - Open Audition

Following the release of our special audio drama adaptation of Star Wars: A New Hope, we had many listeners asking two questions: "Will there be an adaption of Episode V?", and "Can I be in it?" To answer the first question: yes. We will be releasing the Far Far Away Radio audio drama adaptation of The Empire Strikes Back in early 2016. For the second question: unfortunately, we can not cast everyone who wanted to be in the audio drama. Most of the parts have already been cast using the FFAR team, just like FFARANH. However, we do have an open role, and this is your chance to join our production!

We are holding open auditions for the part of Lando Calrissian. That's right, you could play the charming ol' scoundrel in FFARESB! Find out how you can audition and all other details below!


To audition for the part of Lando, please do the following:

  • Record yourself reading the lines at the bottom of this section.
    • If you listened to FFARANH, you know that we were not always true to the original characters. The direction that Lando is taken for FFARESB is entirely open. You are welcome to do your best Billy Dee Williams impression, convert Lando to an accent that you can imitate particularly well, or simply portray Calrissian using your own voice. Maybe the Lando of FFARESB will sound like the original character, or maybe he'll be from Boston or Australia. Give us YOUR best take on the character and we'll select our favorite!
    • In the recording, please start by stating your name. Then read all of the lines listed below, and end the recording.
  • Send the lines as an MP3 file to contact@farfarawayradio.com.
    • Please enter the email subject as "FFARESB Audition [YOUR NAME HERE]"
    • In the body of the email, please include your name, time zone (for recording purposes), and if you have one, Twitter handle.

All audition recordings must be emailed to us by December 1, 2015.

Audition Lines

Why, you slimy, double-crossing,
no-good swindler!  You've got a
lot of guts coming here, after
what you pulled.

How you doing, you old pirate?
So good to see you!  

Hello.  What have we here?  
Welcome.  I'm Lando Calrissian.
I'm the administrator of this
facility.  And who might you be?

That's always been a danger looming
like a shadow over everything we've
built here.  But things have
developed that will insure security.
I've just made a deal that will
keep the Empire out of here forever.

Lord Vader, we only use this
facility for carbon freezing.  If
you put him in there, it might
kill him.

Wondering what the experience will be like if you get the part? Here are a few details about our recording sessions:

  • We recorded FFARANH in three separate sessions over several weeks. Each session lasted around 2.5 hours. The part of Lando would most likely only record with us for one session.
  • We record live with all characters involved in that session. So, you won't just be recording your lines by yourself and sending them in. We read through the script together to allow for maximum interaction, improvisation, and laughter.
  • We use Skype to do our calls. A Skype account and a reliable Internet connection is necessary.

If you have any other questions about the part or how to audition, please email us at contact@farfarawayradio.com