Episode 50 - Rey Character Dissection

Let the post-The Force Awakens speculation begin! We kick off Season 3 of FFAR by returning to one of our favorite discussion types: the character dissection! This week we take a closer look at the new heroine of the Star Wars sequels, Rey! Check out the full shownotes below:

  • Mini-discussion: Would You Rather: Rey edition.
  • Rey Character Dissection
    • First impressions of the young scavenger.
    • What do we learn about her on Jakku?
    • Meeting Finn
    • Flying the Falcon
    • Gifted fighter, pilot, and mechanic.
    • But far from perfect!
    • Rey and Han
    • Finding the lightsaber and her vision.
    • Rey's encounters with Kylo.
    • Who is she?!
    • Who left her on Jakku?
    • What do we want to see from Rey in the future?
  • And much more! Almost two hours of Rey discussion!

Sit back, relax, and join Austin, Mallory, Meg, and Jason as they talk about the galaxy far, far away on Season 3 of Far Far Away Radio! Join us next time for Kylo Ren's Character Dissection!

We would like to thank the fantastic Chris Jenkins for creating our album art, and the talented Jen from the Anomaly Podcast for her voice work in our intro and outro. Music credit: The Jedi Steps and Finale by John Williams. Lapti Nek by Meco.

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Produced by Austin Blankenship and Matt Eaton, with Danny Pirtle as Episode Editor.