Episode 53 - Han Solo Character Dissection

This week on Far Far Away Radio, we discuss the final run for our favorite smuggler-turned-Rebel-hero. What did we think of Han Solo in The Force Awakens? What is his relationship with Rey and Leia? And yes, THAT scene. Check out the full shownotes below:

  • Mini-discussion: Would You Rather: Han Solo Edition.
  • Episode VIII News:
    • New cast members!
    • Will we ever see Lando again?
  • Han Solo Character Dissection:
    • Where was Han before The Force Awakens?
      • Peaceful times.
      • Racing pilot?!
    • Did TFA make Han regress from his Original Trilogy character development?
    • Relationships with:
      • Rey
        • Why'd he offer her a job so quickly?
        • What answer does he give to Maz when asked "Who's the girl?"
      • Leia
        • Why exactly have they been apart?
        • Does Han think that Leia blames him for Ben's fall?
      • Ben
        • Did Han not want Ben to be trained?
        • The fear of "too much Vader".
        • Why did Ben feel that Han was a disappointing father?
    • On the bridge...
      • Did Han know that he was going to die when he walked out on the bridge?
      • Did he ever believe that Ben could turn?
      • Was he doing it for Leia, Ben, or both?
      • How we felt when we saw the scene.
      • Why it HAD to happen.
    • Thoughts on Harrison Ford's performance.
    • Han's legacy.
  • Luke Skywalker: get your act together!
  • And much more!

Sit back, relax, and join Austin, Mallory, Meg and Jason as they talk about the galaxy far, far away on Season 3 of Far Far Away Radio! Join us next time for our Leia and Chewie Character Dissections!

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Produced by Austin Blankenship and Matt Eaton, with Danny Pirtle as Episode Editor.