Star Wars: Legends and Lore - Apr '16: "There's Always a Bit of Truth in Legends"

Welcome to April's episode of Star Wars: Legends and Lore, your one-stop podcast for the unified canon of Star Wars, and the Legends that inspire it. In this episode we:

  • Discuss the news for the week, especially the new Han Solo comic, the upcoming Rogue One tie-ins, and most especially the new Ahsoka novel.
  • We get you caught up on the canon for the month of April.
  • Discuss the elements of Legends found in the season finale of Rebels.
  • Nerf gives a primer for the Yuuzhan Vong/New Jedi Order series.

Sit back with Jason, Jonathan, and Elaine as we discuss the Star Wars canon for each month. Whether you're into the novels, comics, or video games of Star Wars lore, this is the podcast for you.

New Releases for April:

  • Tales from a Galaxy Far, Far Away Vol. 1: Aliens (Apr 5)
  • Adventures in Wild Space: The Steal (Apr 28)
  • Adventures in Wild Space: The Dark (Apr 28)
  • Poe Dameron #1 (Apr 6)
  • Darth Vader #19, C-3PO Special (Apr 13)
  • Vader Down TPB (Apr 19)
  • Obi-Wan & Anakin #4 (Apr 20)
  • Star Wars #18 (Apr 27)