Rogue Podron Special: Rogue One Trailer and Poe Dameron #1 Comic

It's an all new, all special episode of Rogue Podron. All wings report in!

The Rogue One trailer showed up at the perfect time while we take a break between X-wing books. In this episode, joined by special guest Sarah, we share our thoughts on the settings, characters, and themes of the trailer. Then, we return to the best pilot in the galaxy and dissect the new Marvel comic, Poe Dameron #1, in our unique Rogue Podron way.

Listener question of the week: Which rogue from Rogue Squadron or Wedge's Gamble would you like to see interact with Poe? Tweet us @roguepodron or e-mail us

Hosted by Meg, Danny, Saf, and Heath, with special guest Sarah from Eleven-thirtyeight.

IN TWO WEEKS, we begin book 3: X-wing: Krytos Trap.