Episode 58 - Famous Last Words

Who is Luke Skywalker? This is the question that convinced J.J. Abrams to direct The Force Awakens, and on this episode, we try to give an answer. Check out the full shownotes below:

  • Star Wars birthday stories.
  • Luke Skywalker character dissection:
    • Pre-TFA:
      • When does he start training new Jedi?
      • Almost immediately after ROTJ, he is searching for Jedi artifacts. What do you think he found?
      • What is the situation of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant? Would he have gone there?
      • As he trains these new Jedi, let’s assume he found out about the structure of the old Jedi Order. What elements do you think he would keep in place or abandon/change?
      • Post-ROTJ emotional state -
        • Leia makes it sound like he had completely come to terms with Vader in Bloodline, and was always quick to stand up for the fact that he was good in the end.
        • But how did the lies of Ben and Yoda sit with him? Or the fact that they were wrong about Vader?
    • By TFA:
      • Why is Luke on the island?
        • In hiding/exile?
        • If he was looking for the first temple… it would appear he found it, or at least, something close. How long has he been there?
        • Why did R2 have a map? How did they get separated? Why was there a missing piece and how did Lor San Tekka get it?
        • Is Luke able to leave the island? Does he have a ship, or was he dropped off? Did R2 drop him off there, with Luke ordering R2 to go back to Leia?
        • Was he there when Ben attacked the temple? Why wasn’t he able to stop him?
      • How powerful is Luke at this point?
      • Emotional state:
        • IF he’s in exile by choice… why has he abandoned the galaxy? Doesn’t seem like the Luke we knew.
        • IF he’s searching for answers that can help him… what exactly could he be hoping to find?
        • Lost his new generation of Jedi and his nephew…
        • Did he feel Han’s death?
    • Post-TFA
      • What do we want or expect to see from Luke in the future?
      • Training Rey?
      • Facing Kylo? Facing Snoke?
      • Reuniting with Leia?
      • Chewie and Artoo moments are sure to come!
      • What’s his purpose? It was a BIG deal that they find him, and that the galaxy needed him. Is it mainly to train Rey, like Yoda in ESB, or will he be in the spotlight as well, more like an AOTC/ROTS Yoda?
  • New Game: Famous Last Words.
  • And much more!

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Produced by Austin Blankenship, with Danny Pirtle as Episode Editor.