Rogue Podron Mission 4-1: The SUPER DRAMATIC Bacta War

All wings report in! This episode: The Bacta War, chapters 1-6

This week on Rogue Podron, it's time for the X-wing books once again! Before we dive into The Bacta War, we talk a little bit about our hopes for the upcoming Rogue One tie-in novel, Catalyst. Then, we waste no time gettin' trashy (and neither does this book). We discuss the first six chapters, including the new Mirax/Corran status-quo, how Wedge is interested in a very specific type of woman, how Flirry Vorru is just literally the worst, an encounter with Gavin's extended family, and so much more!

Listener Question of the Week: What kinds of secret things is Huff Darklighter transporting on his ship?

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Hosted by Meg, Danny, Saf, and Heath.

NEXT WEEK:  X-wing: The Bacta War, chapters 7-12.