Far Far Away Radio Episode 70: Baze and Chirrut Character Dissection

This episode of Far Far Away Radio is all about Baze and Chirrut! Join us as we discuss the big reveals about The Last Jedi from the Vanity Fair photos and then talk all about our favorite duo from Rogue One!

  • What Happily Ever After do you imagine for Baze and Chirrut
  • Vanity Fair TLJ Photos!!
    • The First Order! Phasma without a helmet!
    • General Leia
    • The Resistance - Rose has a sister!
    • Finn is a Big Deal!
    • BB-8 is Snoke??
    • Rey and Luke
    • There's a fancy party going on
    • First look at Laura Dern and Benicio Del Toro
  • Baze and Chirrut before Rogue One
  • What do we learn about their relationship in Guardians of the Whills?
  • Where did Baze get that awesome gun?
  • Their anger towards the Empire and how it manifests differently
  • Why does Chirrut follow Jyn?
  • How does Baze fit in with the crew?
  • The impact of Chirrut and Baze's deaths
  • More Guardians of the Whills talk

Sit back, relax, and join Meg, Amy, and MJ as they talk about the galaxy far, far away on Season 4 of Far Far Away Radio!

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We would like to thank the fantastic Chris Jenkins for creating our album art, and Jonathan "Nerf" Baker for voice work in our intro and outro. Music credit: A Long Ride Ahead by Michael Giacchino and What The Hell by Avril Lavigne.

Episode edited by Danny Pirtle, with Austin Blankenship as Senior Advisor/Podfather Emeritus.