Legends and Lore Seeking New Hosts!

Hey all, Jason here.

As you may have heard on a recent episode of Legends and Lore, we are looking to recruit new hosts for our show, in conjunction with a few structural changes we are making to the show. The big change is that we are having shorter, more frequent episodes, each of which focuses on a slightly different topic, including:

  1. Journaling the Whills: where we discuss writing/storytelling techniques using Star Wars as our main example.
  2. Book Review: Where we discuss one new book from the canon (or an old one from Legends).
  3. Comics with the Applebees: Where we discuss all the latest Star Wars comics for the month.

We need a host for the Journaling the Whills podcast, and the Book Review podcast. So if you're interested, here's what you need to do:

Record yourself in a 3-5 minute audio clip to answer the following questions:

  1. What is your first Star Wars memory?
  2. Why do you want to be a Star Wars podcaster?
  3. (If applying to the book review podcast) What is your favorite Star Wars book, and why?
  4. (If applying to the Journaling the Whills podcast) Who is your favorite Star Wars character, and briefly describe what you like about the character development of that character.
  5. (If applying to the Journaling the Whills podcast) please outline your creative writing experience. We're not looking for published authors or anything but if you have experience with creative writing, or literary analysis (English/History/Film majors, etc.), then we are looking for you!

Send your finished recording to swlegendsandlore@gmail.com And that's it! You can apply to one or both of the positions if you want (if applying to both, you may take a few extra minutes to answer all the questions). We're looking for enthusiastic fans of the Star Wars canon and expanded universe (with reasonable mic quality), so if you're interested, just send us the audio file and we'll review them and get back to you soon!

We will continue accepting applications until August 5th.

Best of luck!