Far Far Away Radio Episode 75: Hera Syndulla (with Vanessa Marshall!)

This episode of Far Far Away Radio is all about Hera Syndulla! We take a deep dive into her character, including a conversation with the woman behind the Twi'lek's voice, Vanessa Marshall.

  • Mini-discussion: 5 words to describe Hera!
  • Battlefront II Beta discussion
  • Information about MJ's Puerto Rico fundraiser (https://twitter.com/MediocreJedi/status/913530730612875264)
  • Interview with Vanessa Marshall!
  • Hera Character Dissection
    • Changes from A New Hope to Rebels
    • Hera's relationships
    • Hera's role in the rebellion
    • Aspects of Hera's character that we like and don't like
    • Hera's unique contributions to the Star Wars universe
    • Season 4 speculation!

Sit back, relax, and join Meg, Amy, Mallory, and MJ as they talk about the galaxy far, far away on Season 4 of Far Far Away Radio!

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We would like to thank the fantastic Chris Jenkins for creating our album art, and Jonathan "Nerf" Baker for voice work in our intro and outro. Music credit: A Long Ride Ahead by Michael Giacchino and What The Hell by Avril Lavigne.

Episode edited by Amelia Fink.