Legends and Lore - Books: This Episode is the Canto Bight-iest

Welcome to a new episode of Legends and Lore, your one-stop podcast for the unified canon of Star Wars, and the Legends that inspire it. In this episode we:

  • Geek out over the most recent news:
    • The release of Thrawn: Alliances by Timothy Zahn has been pushed back (NOOOOO!)
    • The Last Jedi novelization will include scenes deleted from the movie
  • Share our thoughts on Canto Bight, an anthology of four (canon) short stories threaded by a common theme: the magical yet malevolent city of Canto Bight from The Last Jedi!

Join us, your hosts - Jason, Elaine and Megan - as we take another deep-dive into the universe of Star Wars literature.